Our law office practice deals with all aspects of copyright and related rights in Greece, as well as copyright litigation.

Under Greek law 2121/1993, copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and scientific works, in any form, such as written or oral texts, musical compositions with or without text, theatrical plays with or without music, choreographies and pantomimes, audiovisual works, fine art, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, engravings and lithographs, architectural works, photographs, applied arts, illustrations, maps, 3D creations of geography, topography, architecture or science, translations, adaptations, customizations and other modifications of folklore creations, as well as collections thereof or collections of simple events and facts, such as encyclopaedias and anthologies, provided that the selection or special arrangement enjoys originality. Databases are also protected, provided they are original, as well as software and preparatory material. Copyright does not protect concepts and ideas. If those are expressed in writing or drawings, then copyright is claimed in the particular text or drawing, but it will not protect the idea itself.

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