Design is the external visible appearance of the whole or part of a product resulting from the specific features thereof, such as its lines, shape, color etc. A design certificate is granted to the holder, provided it is new and has an individual character, which means that no identical industrial design has been made available to the public, whereas the overall impression it produces on the informed user differs from any other design.

Artwork by Val Goutsi Fine Arts and Ceramics © 2022

Designs in Greece are regulated by Presidential Decree No. 259/1997 for the implementation of the Hague Convention for the international filing of designs and models, ratified by Greek Law No. 2417/1996.

Greek Design Applications are filed with the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI). 

A design application can include up to 50 designs in the same Locarno Class and in the same format (photo or graphical drawing).  No words should be depicted. For each design, up to 20 views can be filed in .jpg format.

The definition of the design must be short and indicative of the design and cannot include English or other foreign words – only Greek words. A brief description in Greek of the designs’ characteristics can also be submitted.

The design holder has the exclusive right to use the design, to put it on the market, import and export it and prevent any third party not having his consent from using the design.

The official fee of OBI for filing a Greek design application is €100. For each additional design the official fee is €10. The publication fee is €30 and for each additional design (up to 50 designs) the publication fee is €10.

Designs are protected for 25 years, renewable every five years. The official fee for years 6-10 is €100, for years 11-15 the official fee is €150, for years 16-20 the official fee is €200 and for years 21-25 the official fee is €250.

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